We Asked – You Answered! Highlights from our Service Provider Survey

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When we ran our recent service provider feedback survey, we weren’t just looking for the things you like about us (though we do love to hear that!) – we wanted to know your pain points too.

The great news is you like lots of things about being a service provider on Studio. But through your answers and comments you also let us know of areas where we could make our platform even better. We wanted to share the key takeaways from the survey with you here, including some of the ways we’ll be addressing your ideas and concerns:


“It opened a new life for me. I’m really grateful to Envato for changing our lives like this.” ~ Service Provider, 2016

Studio is a significant part of your working life

Take a look at the numbers …

  • 84% of you use studio as primary or secondary income, and for 49% of you, Studio is your primary source for freelance work.
  • 89% consider making money an important outcome of working on Studio
  • For 79%, getting to be creative is important, too.

For many of you, Studio is a significant part of your working life. We take that responsibility seriously, so whether you’re working on Studio to flex your creative muscle, or to pay your mortgage, we want Studio to work for you, too.


“I would love if the platform got more promotion from the Envato ecosystem.” ~ Service Provider, 2016

Helping you do your best work

When we asked how easy it is to work on the Studio platform, we got some truly awesome feedback, but we hold ourselves to pretty high standards here at HQ, so we’re not patting ourselves on the back just yet …

Because when we asked how you feel about being a service provider on Studio we found out:

  • 16% don’t feel part of the Envato Community
  • 18% disagree that we care about your success

Sure, that means the majority of you do feel part of our community and know we care about your success, but until everyone feels that way, there’s more work to be done.

The same goes for how easy you told us it is to use the Studio platform:

  • 14% disagree that it’s easy to promote your services
  • 16% disagree that it’s easy to convert enquiries to new jobs

Hmmmmm …

Once again, we’re happy most of you find Studio easy to use, but we’d be even happier if all of our service providers felt confident across all areas of Studio. We want you to succeed (hey, when you win, we win, too!). We really do care about each and every one of you – you’re part of our community, and community is at the heart of all we do here.

So if you haven’t already, take a look at the conversations going on over on the Envato Community forums, and please jump on in. Here at Studio HQ, we’re also committed to finding new ways to share your success stories with the greater Envato community. Expect to see a greater Studio presence as we share your stories, like this recent Q&A with two of our busiest service providers.

And on the Studio blog, look for content in the coming months that focuses on helping you do your best work. We’ll start by taking a fresh look at ways you can promote your Studio services, and ways to close the deal when a buyer comes knocking.  

In the meantime, check out some earlier Studio 101 tips here: 9 Tips To Grow Your Envato Sales


“I’m not sure if the info provided to buyers is enough.” ~ Service Provider, 2016

Delivering Express services

When it comes to Express jobs, we heard you loud and clear …

  • 36% of you disagree that buyers have a good understanding of scope when it comes to Express jobs

We’ve got some work to do to ensure both service providers and buyers are on the same page. To start, we’re reviewing our Express order pages to make sure all the important info is communicated to buyers up front. We’re also taking a closer look at the work involved in delivering Express services. Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you have further feedback to share on Express, or any of the services you offer.


“It connects me with people around the globe, and my job is appreciated.” ~ Service Provider, 2016

New ways to recognize great work

When we asked about outcomes of working on Studio, 79% said being recognized for the work you do is important …

We think so too, and we want to find new ways to recognize great work on Studio.

When it comes to that great work, it’s not just the volume of jobs you do, though that’s always important. It’s also about the top things you told us make for a successful provider:

  1. Meeting deadlines
  2. Being nice to work with
  3. Responding to buyers quickly

Expect to see a renewed focus on the attributes of great providers. Close rates in particular will continue to have an impact on search ranking, as will response rates. We’re also looking at ways to help you to measure your success in these areas – and ways we can recognize those service providers who really nail it. You’re about to hear a lot more about this one, so stay tuned!

For now, a big thank you to those of you who participated in the survey. Your feedback and insights are of great value to us, as we strive to make Studio the very best freelance platform on the planet. We like to aim high, and the great news is we’re nearly there. 

PS. If you’re really keen, we’ve got loads more survey data to share. Shout out in the comments below, or send us a message with any questions you have.

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Jacqueline Bublitz

Jacq is the Customer Experience Team Leader at Envato Studio. She’s always looking for ways to help you make the most out of Studio.

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  1. Hi,

    Sounds great and that’s a reflection of Envato’s philosphy 🙂

    My only issue is that, as an aspiring service provider, it seems to take a long time have a service approved or rejected – I’ve been waiting 19 days now.

    If it does take a while to have a service looked at it would be good to know what timeframe that is.

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