Transfer Big Files: The Top 7 Tools You Should Use

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If you work online, and most of us do in some capacity, it’s likely that you’ll have to transfer big files from time to time.

Usually, the quickest way to transfer big files or share your work with someone is to email it to them, which means you just attach it to the email … right?

Not so fast my friend.

The problem, of course, is that most email clients have an attachment limit of 25MB. I’ve had Powerpoint presentations that are well over that limit. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, check out some of the following tools.

Whether it’s a presentation, a movie, or anything else, these tools will help you get the job done quickly.

1. Dropbox

Without a doubt, Dropbox is my favorite of this bunch. I integrate it with my daily work in many ways and it acts as a dual-backup system for everything I write. But if you’re looking to transfer big files, then Dropbox can play that role too.

Dropbox offers a free account of 2GB and, presumably, you could upload a 2GB file to your account and share it quickly with someone else.

All you need to do is click the “Share a Folder” button within your Dropbox account and then enter the email address of the person you want to share it with. Easy peasy.

Website: Dropbox

2. SendThisFile

SendThisFile is perfect for transferring big files. It has no file size limit and you can easily transfer the file via email. If you opt for the paid plan, then you can even secure your files with encryption, create customized emails, and more.

Two things you should know: SendThisFile does not scan for viruses and if you are using the free version the download speed is limited.

Website: SendThisFile

3. Send6

Send6 allows you to send up to six 50MB files every ten minutes without registering at all. You can also track any files you send and delete them at any time.

On the downside, the free version only allows for 10 sendings per month.

Website: Send6

4. TransferBigFiles

If you need to transfer big files, then it would make sense to check out TransferBigFiles.

As the name suggests, the service allows you to transfer big files quickly and easily via email. Any file up to 1GB can be transferred and you can also password protect your files. You can also send multiple files and send to multiple recipients at one time. Additionally, TransferBigFiles will notify you when your files have been downloaded.

However, all files are only available for download for 5 days. After that, they are deleted.

Website: TransferBigFiles

5. DropSend

I first heard of DropSend from a friend who was using it as a way to send himself backups of his own files. But it works just as well when you’re emailing clients or co-workers.

DropSend offers a super simple 3-step interface (Attach, To, From) to transfer big files. There is no software to install and you can send files up to 2GB in size.

DropSend also offers a business plan for group file sharing.

Website: DropSend

6. MailBigFile

MailBigFile allows you to send files up to 300MB to a single email recipient. If you upgrade to their pro version, then you can utilize the Address Book feature and upload even bigger file sizes. According to their website, MailBigFile has been used by brands like Apple, Best Buy, and IKEA.

On the downside, you cannot password protect your files and MailBigFile only stores your files for 10 days before deleting them.

Website: MailBigFile

7. YouSendIt

YouSendIt is extremely easy to use and has a very familiar email-esque layout. You can easily attach and send files up to 100MB for the free version or 2GB for the paid version. Additionally, YouSendIt offers download tracking, password protection, and even custom branding.

The drawbacks include a 1GB download limit for free accounts and the fact that you cannot copy yourself on any emails sent with YouSendIt.

Website: YouSendIt

A bonus for mac users: Droplr

While it doesn’t focus on transferring big files, Droplr is an incredibly simple way to share files from your Mac with a single link.

Anything you need to share — a document, a photo, a slideshow — can be delivered with a single link. It offers integration with Twitter as well, so you can use it for social sharing, as well as for work and emailing.

Website: Droplr

What do you use?

What about you? What tools do you use for file transfers?


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