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I know it’s not summer for everyone reading FreelanceSwitch right now, but up here in Canada it still is.  And one of my favourite things to do in the summer is to camp, but this year it was a little bit different, since this was my first summer as a fulltime freelancer.

Sure, I could have gotten way ahead of my projects, but where’s the fun in that?  Instead, I figured it might be possible to tether my iPhone to the laptop, and keep connected while everyone else was making smores.  We’re back home now, and other than a slight campfire smell coming from the laptop, it’s pretty hard to tell that I was not at my office all week.  The clients were communicated with, the articles were uploaded, and the invoices were sent – all while enjoying way too much junk food, liquid refreshments, and beautiful hikes through an amazing forest.

Funny, I think I showered as frequently at the camp as I have been at the home office.  Might need to fix that for the future…

Sitting at a picnic table and putting the final touches on a new website helps your spouse realize the possibilities that freelancing can provide.  We’re already thinking about finding a trailer and cruising through the US.  I promise to shower before we stop in for a visit.

Where is the best place that you’ve been able to freelance from?  Any tips and tricks to make it seamless to your clients?

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