Top 11 Free Online Storage Apps

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Cloud computing oppens new opportunities for freelancers. One of them is free online file synchronization and storage. Nowadays you can sync your PC files and manage your documents on the go. Share files with your employer or other freelancers. Make an online backup or roll back to previous file version. All these actions are possible with modern online file sharing applications.

Here are the top eleven online storage and file sync services that are suitable for freelancing document needs:

1. JustCloud


JustCloud specializes in simple cloud backup by using only 3 steps – choose your files, back them up and then access them from anywhere. This simple approach, combined with top level features, ensure that you will never lose data again, and you will always have access to the files you need.

JustCloud is fully compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android and also implements top level security features so you can rest assured that your data is safe. Enjoy 2 weeks of free cloud storage space and a host of market-leading features before upgrading for unlimited storage space and even more features.

2. Dropbox


Dropbox is a leading folder sync tool. Dropbox gives 2GB free online file storage, which may be increased up to 8GB. Install Dropbox software on PC, Mac, Linux, or mobile devices. Put files you want to store in your Dropbox folder, share a folder with someone, or sync files with other device. I think Dropbox is the easiest file sync software I’ve tried. It’s simple to setup and easy to work with.

3. is cloud storage that enables you to store files online and collaborate on them within your team. A simple account offers 5GB web space for free with mobile apps access and advanced sharing options. A paid business account price tag starts at $15 per user. The assets are file discussions and comes with Google Docs integration into your account. One drawback – you must provide your phone number at sign-up.

4. Esnips


Esnips provides 5GB free online storage for personal use. Upload files and share them publicly or keep documents in private mode. While online, you can search for other users’ public files or install a toolbar to get instant access to an Esnips account. One small disadvantage of the free Esnips account are the multiple ads in your working area.

5. iDrive


iDrive is a perfect tool for online backup. If you want to keep a copy of your important folder on a cloud server, then iDrive is what you are looking for. Download iDrive software, run the application and choose folders to sync. In case of a PC crash, you get your files back. There is 5GB free storage quota.

6. iFolder


iFolder is a free open source file synchronization program. To enjoy iFolder, you install the software on your server and on client side as well. iFolder is good software for a small team that is comfortable working with their own server. Thus you make sure that only team members have access to your private files. iFolder has necessary setup documentation for administrators.

7. SugarSync


SugarSync stores documents, files, photos and music. The prices start at $4.99 per month. To evaluate Sugarsync advantages, there is a 30 day free trial. Unfortunately, you must give your credit card details at sign-up process. This procedure is obligatory and not the most user-friendly option. However, SugarSync claims to sync any folder on your computer unlike other file storage solutions.

8. Syncplicity


Syncplicity gives 2GB free online storage for Windows and Mac users. It allows you to sync a folder with any number of files within your web space quota. Share a folder or a file with friends. Paid Syncplicity accounts starts at $15 per month for 50 GB.

9. SkyDrive


Windows Live SkyDrive is free online storage. Enriched with Windows Live Mesh, SkyDrive helps to sync PC folders with your web account. Unfortunately, Live Mesh is available for Windows 7 only. Recently SkyDrive was united with Office 365, so you may collaborate and store Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents online.

10. YouSendit


YouSendit offers 1GB free online storage via email attachments or web folders. The drawback is the provision of your credit card/PayPal data at sign-up page. However, it’s not obligatory and a user can enjoy a Lite account without financial details. Besides, there is an option to purchase advanced security features on a pay-per-use basis. This is a great service for sending single documents to coworkers.

11. ZumoDrive


ZumeDrive is an online storage that grants 1GB free web space. However, you have a chance to raise your free quota if you pass a quest game. You can share documents, files and photos after Zumo software installation. But ZumoDrive installation looks a bit more complicated than Dropbox.

Note: A few times a month we revisit some of our reader’s favorite posts from throughout the history of FreelanceSwitch. This article was first published September 22nd, 2011, yet is just as relevant and full of useful information today. There are certainly new, free online storage apps entering the market regularly, so feel free to drop a link to your favorite in the comments below.

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