Continuous Deployment

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At Envato Studio we have to ensure we’re always moving fast. It helps us support our community of service providers and continually optimise their opportunity to earn online. To do that we use the agile software development principles, ensuring we are able to react quickly and make the changes we need with a minimum of fuss.

Building on top of these methodologies we use a technique called continuous deployment. It means that we don’t manually deploy our changes when we update our code, but rather it is deployed through an automated process. This both saves us time as well as removing the potential for human error in what is usually a manual process. It also means that we deploy more frequently, in the last week alone we have performed 32 deployments. Each deployment may potentially be a new feature, small tweak or perhaps a bug fix.

We first started utilising continuous deployments on Envato Studio before our public launch and we’ve found it a great way to speedup up development process. As it is a new process for most of us on the team, there have been some lessons we’ve learned that have helped us get the most out of it. Recently Keith Pitt and I were lucky enough to present on the topic at RailsConf in Chicago, where we discussed some of our learnings and pitfalls. You can view the presentation at Confreaks.

Although continuous deployments aren’t the right solution for every team, we’ve found it works well for us, but as ever you need to consider the benefits against the tradeoffs to be sure it’s right for you.

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