Continuing Education For Freelancers

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A true professional understands that you can never stop learning. Keeping up with the current industry trends is an important way to maintain marketability in ever-changing creative professions.

Freelancers should understand they are no different from any other professional, and continuing education is an optimal way to stay on the cutting edge of content production. Doing so will you to earn optimal rates for your services. Here are four key ways for freelancers to pursue continued education:

Attend Professional Workshops

Attending workshops is a great way for freelancers to continue learning. Obtaining advice from other writers, artists, and photographers can be the best way to develop as a content producer.

Having another set of eyes critiquing your work can point out flaws and inconsistencies. Listening to guest lecturers allows you to gain insights from their experiences. The key to becoming a success is getting advice from those who are already successful.

Return to School

Freelancers don’t necessarily need to go back to school to pursue another degree. However, it will pay dividends in terms of salary potential and advancement opportunity if you ever enter the corporate world in the future. If a freelancer does want to pursue higher education like a master’s degree, there are many online degrees available that would not deter from their 40-hour work week.

Also, taking a couple of targeted classes can help you learn relevant new skills. For example, taking a class on the latest SEO techniques can help a freelancer become visible online. Technical writing courses can open the door for a freelance writer to learn valuable skills. We all could benefit from business courses.

Self-paced Study

Even if you have obtained a college degree, there are still opportunities to advance your education through self-directed reading and online courses. Creative professions are synonymous with innovation, which requires you to find the latest and greatest resources for learning new skills.

A great resource for self-paced study is Tuts+ Premium, an online service that offers 848 exclusive tutorials, 31 e-books, and course libraries on subjects like JavaScript fundamentals, web typography, and freelance bootcamp. Tuts+ is part of a suite of educational and resource sites that FreelanceSwitch is a part of.

Become A Member Of A Freelancing Group

There are tons of professional groups for writers and multimedia artists. Joining these groups offers many benefits for freelancers who want to learn and grow each day. Associating with a trade group will connect you to people and events that will help you learn new skills.

Here are some examples of quality associations you could join as a freelancer (depending on your focus):

Freelancers have to treat themselves as professionals in all matter of business. This means dedicating yourself to your job just like a doctor or lawyer would do. Attending workshops, going back to school and joining trade groups will help you continue your education and grow as a professional freelancer in your niche.

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