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When we released the highlights from our service provider survey earlier this year we promised to focus on ways to improve our platform, including finding new and better ways to promote your work on Studio.

As part of this commitment to you, we’ve been looking at ways to improve our category search pages. One of the main entry points for prospective customers, these pages are all about turning a visitor into a buyer, and we think there’s heaps of potential to better communicate just why they should choose your service and our platform this time around.

So here’s what we’re working on right now: How do we best signal buyers so they can quickly and easily make a choice about the service they want to buy, and the provider they want to work with? We know that recommendations and reviews will always be important, and we are working on other ways to highlight your great work, too …

To make way for the new signals that we’re currently working on, we’ve made the decision to remove Favorites from the category search pages. At heart, Favorites operates as a shortlist tool, rather than a recommendation of your work. Buyers will still be able to favorite your services within your service pages – because we want them to easily return to your work when they need to – but from now on your Favorites calculation will no longer show within a category search.

At this stage, your existing Favorites volume will still factor into the current Relevance ranking – we’ll be sure to let you know in advance of any changes to this model. In updating the category search pages, the emphasis for service providers is the same as ever – being responsive, closing jobs and getting great reviews remain the most important factors when it comes to your ranking on Studio.

We’re really excited about all the great stuff ahead! As always, we welcome your feedback and questions along the way. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Jacqueline Bublitz

Jacq is the Customer Experience Team Leader at Envato Studio. She’s always looking for ways to help you make the most out of Studio.

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