10 Incredible Logo Designs From The Last Decade

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Narrowing down the best logo designs from the last decade is almost an impossible task, but it’s worth the try never the less. Us creatives love to be inspired by what is going on in the industry. Many times we’re influenced by our idols and sometimes we manage to create something entirely ground-breaking. This article will take a look at some of the most incredible logo designs from the last decade:

BP Redesign

Before setting out to design a logo that is out of this world, the graphic designer needs to take the background, industry and audience of the company into account. BP’s recent redesign is an example of being able to ‘transform’ a brand with a single image.

Petroleum companies aren’t the most popular brands out there, and they are usually linked to economic and political debates. That’s why BP’s redesign is so powerful – it took a static image and transformed it into something ‘friendlier’. The combination of colours makes BP seem like a transparent, ‘green’ company focused on making the world a better place.

Brandbusters from Serbia, listed on the Envato Studio has similar experience with introducing bright colours within his designs, that can take your brand from dull to delightful.



What makes this design great, is that it really stands for what the company does. To keep it simple – you will be able to find anything from A-Z and this will ‘make you smile’. Easy does it.

Have a look at how Zlaws from the United Kingdom incorporates the brand’s vision of the logo design on his Envato Design portfolio.



Trello is a project management application aimed at increasing productivity. The design is simple and straightforward as well, featuring a ‘job board’ within the logo design. Genesis Design from Romania has the same approach towards design and know hows to keep things simple, yet impressionable.



In this case, the designer took the platform into account when designing the logo. It’s web-friendly and can be resized for web without losing it’s ‘oomph’. The colour red is also known to inspire action which is connected with ‘liking’ images by clicking on the heart.



“The particular shape of the elephant with the folded back ear reminiscent of a document icon or a folded page in a book, oozed brandability”. – I’m Just Creative

The Evernote design is close to perfection, not to mention that using the application will help you have the memory of an ‘elephant’. If you want to include something more ‘animalistic’ in your logo design, Kaspa101 will be able to implement this and suite your budget.



This is what Dropbox has to say about their own logo; “The glyph is simple, functional, and we think it feels like us. It’s recognizable in small and large sizes, works in color and black and white, and is made of solid, sturdy shapes that hold up well in physical environments”.

WhiteX shares the same sentiment with his Hand Crafted Professional and Unique Logo design and knows how to keep things clean and practical.



During the year 2013 we saw the rise of the mosaic pattern trend, like this design for Kyocera. The colour palette is simple and the geometric shapes add strength and art to the logo. Yip87 from Indonesia also likes to make use of this mosaic trends in his logo design service on Envato.



The Android Robot logo is one that represents what is fresh, growing and ‘fun’. It’s relatable and the logo can also be used as character. Some of the Envato designers such as Milanche037 also makes use of these character-like logo designs to tell the brand’s story.


Linkin Park

With their release of Minutes to Midnight in 2007, the nu-metal band, Linkin Park unveiled their new logo with the letter ‘L’ and ‘P’ enclosed in a circle. These circular logos are still popular today and used in many varieties. This can be seen by viewing Envato graphic designer, MJ Creative’s portfolio.


NBC Redesign

Adding the positive ‘edge’ to their logo design has always featured a rainbow coloured peacock. From 2011 until 2013 the logo transformed into a ‘crystallized’ version of colourful creation. If you are looking to add the same rainbow-like touch to your logo design, Deep Blue from Turkey is the Envato graphic designer who incorporates the palettes that you are after.

We would love to hear which logo designs from the last decade you like best; as well as spectacular designs that we should include in the list.


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