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  1. Scott

    Why are there so few Freelance Freedoms??? It was nice when they came out weekly. This once a month thing is terrible.

    • We’ve moved Freelance Freedom to a fortnightly schedule now, so the newest one will be posted not this coming Monday, but the following. :) Glad you like it enough to see it weekly, if there’s enough demand it’s something we might consider! Really appreciate your feedback – and the next one will be out week after next.

  2. Lewis

    Bring back weekly! Freelance Freedom always made my Monday mornings more enjoyable!

  3. horacio

    Bring back freelance freedom on a weekly basis, to be true, that was my main reason to go to freelanceswitch regularly ):

    • Really appreciate the feedback horacio, Lewis and Scott! :)

      New one comes out this coming Monday!!

  4. Jason

    They should definitely be more often…

  5. Igor

    Bring back weekly freelance freedom!

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