End of an Era: FreelanceSwitch is Merging Into Tuts+ and Microlancer

Six years ago on April 3rd 2007, I pressed ‘publish’ on a post to welcome people to a blog about freelancing. FreelanceSwitch was an instant hit with more than 250,000 visitors in its first month on the air. Over the next six years the site hosted hundreds of writers, and gave advice to millions of dedicated readers pursuing a freelance career. Today I’m here to announce that we’ll still be putting together great freelance content, but it’s going to be in some different locations.

As many of you know, FreelanceSwitch is one of a family of products from Envato. As a company we’ve grown a lot since those early years, from just a handful of people to over two hundred. Along the way the company has built two very large franchises: The Envato Marketplaces, and Tuts+. This year we launched what is quickly becoming our third: Microlancer. To help focus the company, we’ve been rolling up and in some of our smaller sites, such as RockablePress, and now FreelanceSwitch.

Most Articles moving to Tuts+

Over at Tuts+ we’ve been building the future of the Tuts+ network – a massive destination site where we publish volumes of high quality educational content, broken up into learning hubs. One of those hubs – ‘Business’ – is going to be the new home of most of FreelanceSwitch’s article library. We’ll still be publishing new content, from the same great authors in that space.

The Business hub isn’t ready yet, and when we get a bit closer, we’ll post again on FreelanceSwitch about the move and with links to stay subscribed. It should be a few weeks away, so stay tuned!

New Microlancer Blog

In addition to the Tuts+ Business Hub, our other product in the freelancing space, Microlancer, is launching its own blog. We’ll be publishing content targeted at general freelance audiences, as well as Microlancer service providers. Some of our FSw library is moving over to this new Microlancer blog.

We haven’t yet started any migration as we’re putting the finishing touches on the blog, but you can already stop in and visit the Microlancer Blog and say hello!

FSw Job Board Closing, Making Way for Microlancer

Along with the FreelanceSwitch blog, we are closing the job board. For people looking to hire freelancers, we recommend trying out the new Microlancer freelance marketplace. We’ve had over 3000 jobs completed there already, and the site is home to an amazing array of very talented freelancers.

Thank You

I’d like to say a heart felt thank you to all the people who have supported FreelanceSwitch over the years. In particular the editors: Cyan, Skellie, Joel, Sean, Amanda, Glen, as well as NC Winters who has illustrated one heck of a comic series in Freelance Freedom, all of our writers, podcasters, commenters, job board subscribers, and of course, readers.

When I hit publish that day six years ago, I never imagined the site would have such a huge reach, and touch the lives of so many freelancers. And I couldn’t be more proud, and grateful that we were able to offer something of value. I look forward to continuing our freelance content over at the new Tuts+ Hub when it launches soon.

Thank you all for your support and readership!

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  1. Anita

    I understand the need to merge websites, but where can I now find the tools that were so helpful (like the salary calculator). Also, where can I find the link to the ebook, How to be A Freelance Rockstar (or something like that)? I often send that link to people thinking of working from home.

    • Anita

      Wow, found the link on Tuts for the book….glad I already own it, because paying for a subscription just to get the eBook would really suck! There’s no way I would recommend someone who wants the ebook to sign up if they don’t need the other stuff!! You’re missing out on some sales.

    • Hi Anita, thanks for the feedback! At the moment the freelance rates calculator is unavailable but we are planning to recreate it in the next few months. We’ve had a lot of people asking for it back! Also, Rockable Press has been shut down, and Tuts+ now have their content. I’ve passed on your feedback about the book only being available via subscription to their team.

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